MMA/UFC training tonight, was KICKASS. I loved it and I practiced with my uncle 6’4” and 305 pounds.

Surprisingly when I had the bag for him to punch and kick, it was easy. Not like he would punch and I couldn’t hold the bag or anything. Then when I got to, it just came natural and some things we would do, I’ve been taught different so it was a hard adjustment. Not to mention I didn’t have wrap on around my knuckles and wrist for majority of the time, so my knuckles are cut open a tad bit. Near the end of our training my uncle (we didn’t have bags anymore, just punching kicking each other..not hard) kneed me in the chest. It kind of knocked the wind out of me but not even a second later, I went for a kick and 4 punches. Then I really felt it in my rib cage on the left. It killed when I would punch. Lets just say I am joining and I can’t wait to go again!

Watching Catfish

  • Becca: "Are you hiding something? Are you a serial killer?"
  • Me: "No! ....Even worse, I'm a donut killer!"

Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Becca and Connor!


We wish you nothing but the best. You two are not probably perfect but you’ve got whole life to work on it and I hope you will be together till the world ends, or the death comes. Anyway happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, food, happiness, good job, 3847856584939383483965946948495693865 kids, 37475856936953485936 cats and that your dreams come true!

I didn’t even see this until now. Thank you..a lot. We adore you for even believing in us and being there for us.