• Donning your full PPE on under 2 minutes. (Success, easy as shit!)
  • Ropes and Knots (Easy as fuck, therefore success)
  • Ladders (Success)
  • Go into a pitch black building with a partner, you have to find a hose line and follow it and once you hit the coupling you have to know which way is to the fire engine, which is of course male and then female coupling. I was the leader and had to tell my partner what she was about to come up to and what she should do. (SUCCESS, even the evaluater said “wow, that was awesome, you told everything..I could of been blind folded and gotten out of there just by your description throughout the building”. which made me proud)
  • Turn off gas, electric, and water of the building (success)

I passed all which I had to or I had to retake Fire 101. And before the practicals we took a 100 question written test, and we find out our results on Tuesday. I have to pass that be an official Firefighter and then I can go career. So I am feeling pretty confident about the written test. :] I am a really happy camper right now.