Building construction over view in the morning, test and then did hazmat operations. I got to leave early, gotta get ready for nuclear cowboys. :) stoked! Today is a solid day, in a week..ill be in seattle getting ready for supercross.

Im super tired and i cant sleeeeeeeppppp. Either im too excited for the academy or nuclear cowboys.

Over it. Just ready for the academy tomorrow and bond with best brothers and sisters i could have.

I followed/watched you and becca's youtube videos a while now and I thought it was awesome your firefighting and I'm starting this explorer thing in my town, I was inspired by you I suppose haha I'm pretty nervous honestly but I'm excited. My dad is a firefighter and loves it. I hope to as well

Dont be nervous, just always listen. Everything you learn isnt to make you think twice about what youre doing and scare you off. Its knowledge for you to keep in case your life is in danger. Practice and study! Good luck