Congratulations on graduating Connor! There really aren't many people who are as young as you are, who have the determination and ambition to achieve all that they set their mind to. You always accomplish what you say you're going to do and never quit. You should be very very very proud of yourself and I'm sure all your family is very very VERY proud of you, more than you will ever know! Your ambitious attitude is going to get you places in life!! Hard work always pays off.

Thank you:)

did becca miscary?

That’s terrible. What makes you think that?

I don’t get it at all. I got my hazmat awareness results in the mail yesterday. I passed with a 100%, I was shocked and proud of myself which is rare. I went to my mom like a kid with an A+ expecting her to be happy or excited for me. I should of known, she blew it off like it was nothing and went on about how she won poker the night before. Really sucks having parents who are insensitive unless it’s about them. My dad has been up my aunts new boyfriends ass and being buddy buddy, saying he finally has a good friend now. He’s never once called me as much as he has with her boyfriend, my whole life he goes over to their house wanting to hang out. If Danny’s not home, he goes home and goes to bed, I never get a call or never see him. The fuck am I to you?! Only reason why he was in my life until I was 13 was because we lived under the same roof. Goes for my mom, she’s never been home since I was 13 and we left dad. Been out drinking and basically living a college life when I’d make myself dinner, and put myself to bed at 9pm for school the next day. Surprisingly I wasn’t a bad kid who went out and got into bad shit. Only thing I ever did that I enjoyed and she’d yell at me for was using her camera to take videos. I love making videos. Anyway point is, she’s never home and when she is…she is crude, and very negative about everything. So I usually hide in my room. Sometimes now she’ll come home drunk at 2am and come into my room and lay on me to just wake me up. I’d say “uh I got work in the morning, I have to be up at 6” then shed storm off all pissy and say “FINE”. What the hell? I want to be the opposite of my parents if all possible. I wish I could buy new parents. :/ luckily I have amazing parent in laws who have cared and shown more love to me and support in the 5yrs than my parents ever have in my whole life. I’m thankful to have them in my life and apart of my family now.