"If you cum and she doesn’t…you didn’t fuck her, she fucked you."

hear that everyone? you are responsible for your partners orgasms! its your fault if they don’t get off! therefore they fucked you! which is a bad thing!(?)

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This was the best day ive had in a VERY long time. I had moto practice today and brought along my good friends fiance’, jake who is scaringly a lot like me. Called it a day at the track, ate a healthy dinner, something else happened that i wont say until its the right time, and now watching frozen with friends who are family to me. Next i gotta work out for an hour and go to bed. Oh and i have an awesome farmers tan..well farmers burn! Ha

Now i know. Haha well seems how ive never seen you half naked, how would i know? I have a lot of evidence/back-up to prove my point that you copy me on almost everything i do in my life. being a police officer, firefighter, tattoo, and more. Do yourself and the girl you love to stop trying to drop a drama bomb. Youll lose the fight dude.

And I'm copying you? I've had that tattoo for years you creep. Plus your last name is four letters that would look horrible there

Huh?? No idea what youre talking about hahahaha

Went to hinshaws to pick up my bike parts. Found out there was a signing with teams yamaha, ktm and kawasaki. Uhm whaaaaa? So i got dean wilson, ryan vili, ken roczen, ryan dungey and ect autograph and a photo with them. Day made! My weekend has just begun!!

What is the tattoo you want to get covered up?

My airplane tattoo..im getting my last name down my side

Don't overthink things. I know it's easier said than done, but it will destroy you. She loves you and your secrets are safe with her. I know she's not that type of person.

Yeah, i hope not. She doesnt seem like the type but if she was in love with a guy like she was with me..shed tell him everything, like she told me everything. You see what i mean? I dont want that. I cant control it though. All i have to do is burn that bridge and not look back.

I thought you and becca were planning to sort things out? She's putting a stalker protection order against you?!

Hahaha no! She was talking about her crazy ass ex who messaged her about 50+ times and threatening to go to her moms house to see her. Im not a stalker, nor crazy like that. Haha

Overthinking kills me. I already know she’ll tell the next guy everything and talk crap, laugh, ect. Every girl has done it so far. I wish there was a way to erase peoples memories about you that youre insecure about right when you break up. That’d be amazing.

Why are you covering up your tattoo?

Dont want it anymore, im getting my last name down my side. :)