Alcohol doesbt help.
I literakky cant do anyrging about it and just let it happen. We fibish each others..haha. uggh

My heart is somewhere else and this is killing me! I am so thankful to have a few bud lights and friends with me. I need to be on my dirtbike and whiskey throttle the bitch out of it! friends, beer, and a dirtbike heals ANYTHING!

It hurts, but cant say I didnt try and did anything wrong. Time to move on from it. Where’s the bud light and dirtbikes at?! 👌😜

Building construction over view in the morning, test and then did hazmat operations. I got to leave early, gotta get ready for nuclear cowboys. :) stoked! Today is a solid day, in a week..ill be in seattle getting ready for supercross.

Im super tired and i cant sleeeeeeeppppp. Either im too excited for the academy or nuclear cowboys.