Working on tattoo pieces.
Getting a chest tattoo and working on a sleeve.

Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts on 9/11. I've often wondered how that day made you feel and what you remember of it, since you were pretty young at the time. I had started watching minutes after the first plane hit. It was like being in shock all day as the events unfolded. The most defining moment for me was when we learned that the firefighters were heading up the towers when the first one came down. It was such a hard lesson for people to realize what a firefighter truly is.

Yeah, I remember it pretty vividly. It’s a traffic and really think back to it hurts, as I’m sure it does to everyone else. This morning saluting and half staffing our flag at our station at 655am when the first plane hit, was something I’ve never felt before. Standing with my brothers along side me and a sister in front by the flag pole. This is the first time I’ve actually realized I’m really apart of this amazing brother sisterhood.

How come you and Becca changed your profiles to private? Is her ex still bothering y'all? :/

Our profiles are private because I have a stalker and becca has a stalker.

So you and becca keep posting so many happy things and it makes me sooo happy that you two are finally working through issues that every couple has and are finding happiness!!! :)

Yeah. One step closer lol

Oh my god Conor you don't look like a baby anymore wow I remember your baby face on your videos hahaa you're a handsome man now! How ya doin?

Thank you. I’m doing good, life is starting to come together again. :)

If she was your wife, wouldn't she have your last name?

She does have my last name?

I love how people are bashing you, acting as if you're supposed to be the perfect man and husband when you're just trying to figure it all out. Everyone expects you and becca to be perfect people just because you became popular on the Internet. The thing that I love about you and Becca is that you two stick by each other's side. Only you two know what's best for one another and for yourselves. You two are so strong because leaving is the easiest option, but you're both determined to make it work

Exactly. Thank you, I will admit I can be a lot better but since march, I’ve been trying to fight a few things at once and it was getting hard emotionally.