If you and becca aren't together anymore, you guys should change your faq. it's misleading.

Hahaha you are ridiculous. Sorry, thats been the least thing on my mind lately. Does it really even matter though? Misleading? Sorry, is it ruining your life as of now that its not up to date?

Hey anon I really think you shouldn't comment on someone's relationship when you have no idea what it was or what actually happened. And don't accuse someone of doing something to someone if you again don't know them. But all aside I hope you're doing okay Connor and I hope everything gets better for you! :)

Thank you. Im doing fine: )

It's great that you have goals and asperations but did you make any room for Becca in there anywhere? Seems like your marriage was all about Connor and instead of giving up anything or making any accomadations in your life for her, you let her go. You talk about trying to be less selfish, FAIL! Sounds like a spoiled only child to me, always getting what they want.

Cearly you have no idea what youre talking about. I left her because I, ME..was unhappy. You dont know our relationship. The whole only child getting what i want is bullshit. You think you know my life very well, its funny. So how exactly me trying to better myself and focusing on my career path being spoiled. Im not trying to be a great firefighter for me, or go in the military for me. I want to do it for other people. Hey since you know my life though, yup spoiled. Even though ive worked my ass off to get where i am now. Youre so right anon.

"If you cum and she doesn’t…you didn’t fuck her, she fucked you."

hear that everyone? you are responsible for your partners orgasms! its your fault if they don’t get off! therefore they fucked you! which is a bad thing!(?)

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This was the best day ive had in a VERY long time. I had moto practice today and brought along my good friends fiance’, jake who is scaringly a lot like me. Called it a day at the track, ate a healthy dinner, something else happened that i wont say until its the right time, and now watching frozen with friends who are family to me. Next i gotta work out for an hour and go to bed. Oh and i have an awesome farmers tan..well farmers burn! Ha

Now i know. Haha well seems how ive never seen you half naked, how would i know? I have a lot of evidence/back-up to prove my point that you copy me on almost everything i do in my life. being a police officer, firefighter, tattoo, and more. Do yourself and the girl you love to stop trying to drop a drama bomb. Youll lose the fight dude.

And I'm copying you? I've had that tattoo for years you creep. Plus your last name is four letters that would look horrible there

Huh?? No idea what youre talking about hahahaha

Went to hinshaws to pick up my bike parts. Found out there was a signing with teams yamaha, ktm and kawasaki. Uhm whaaaaa? So i got dean wilson, ryan vili, ken roczen, ryan dungey and ect autograph and a photo with them. Day made! My weekend has just begun!!

What is the tattoo you want to get covered up?

My airplane getting my last name down my side