Whoopin some ass in emt class. Weve had two written tests so far and just did our first skills test last night, scoring above 90% on the written and a few questions i missed, i got right the first time. I go over the test again and sometimes i secind guess myself. I gotta stop doing that lol. Anyway, skills test was hooking up the o2 bottle and then starting a nonrebreather mask and putting it on a patient. Other was assessing a patient to see if theyre eligable for CPAP. last one was finding an unconcious pateint, inserting an OPA then hooking up an o2 bottle to the BVM, then they puke, so you gotta take it all out and suction blahblah, then insert an NPA ect. Pretty fun night and crazy how quickly we learn. I can go to a medic call now instead of just performing cpr, i can assess and actually understand whats happeneing to the body and why and i can insert airway devices. Pretty cool, i love it.

It's sad that you get the same hate from the same people enough to know exactly who is sending it when they are on anonymous. Really though. You've had issues with those people coming on your blog talking shit since I first started following you 2 years ago. Damn they need to get a hobby

I know. Im exhausted from it.

You really have the nerve to call an anon a peasant? You're no better than anyone else. You're white trash and everyone who has ever really known you could tell you that so top thinking youre a badass you're a pathetic little girl Brianna.

Have the nerve to call them a peasant? Lol and you have the nerve to come to me bitching about it? Oh man, I never said I was better than anyone else. Do I think I am better than you Anons? Yes, obviously! I don’t go around bashing people, instead I make someone’s horrible day into a good day (majority of the time), I’m a laid back guy and give a helping hand whenever needed. I believe anyone who is in the right state of mind would agree with me. Also…really? White trash? Jesus Christ, do I need to give you Anons definitions with every insult you try use against me? ‘Poor white people, especially those living in the southern U.S.’. Pretty sure, You wouldn’t know my financial status and you definitely can’t say I look like ‘white trash’ because I’m usually in my fire departments uniform, if anything I look professional about 80% of the time. Now I’m hoping you can clear things up for me, how exactly or actually, better yet, when exactly have I said I thought I was badass? I mean, preventing someone’s death as a firefighter and emt in training is pretty ‘badass’ but I’ve never said me, myself and I, alone is badass. You really don’t think I don’t know who you are? Aubrey and lili, oh sorry..Marcia, you two are idiots. For one, no one ever in my life has ever called me white trash or pathetic little girl besides you two. Another thing, I don’t think anyone else wants to waste their time trying to insult me besides you two. Also, Marcia has confessed to you being obsessed with me and told me how you attack me on tumblr a lot. Lol pretty embarrassing your own girl calling you out. If I was jealous of someone, I’d learn from them. How they push themselves to be successful. I’d challenge myself, not to be like them exactly, like you copy everything I do, but I’d try to be successful in a career I really want. I’m so exhausted from this drama you guys create out of the blue. As a mature person, deleting my tumblr would get rid of most of the problem, but why should I give up something I like and where I can express myself and vent because some people can’t grow up? Seriously, do yourselves a favor and forget I even exist, please. For the love of God!

You're a POSER and will do anything for attention shit every other day your trying to do something new and somehow it never happens?? Military? Career firefighting? Police? Having kids? You're what people call an attention WHORE with a lot of attention on the shore part. Have a nice day fag(:

Wow you defined the word ambition, congrats! That wasn’t your intentions though, Poser; a person who pretends to be something they are not for attention. Now how do I roll into that exactly? Well you mentioned military, now I have always wanted to go in and serve, I did bounce around to what exact branch I wanted to serve in. Awhile ago I decided the marines, MEPS won’t take me because I have a minor heart condition. You then mentioned career firefighting, well hmm if you have time to stalk me then you have time to read my latest post about going through EMT. Now if you knew anything about what us firefighters or even citizens have to do to earn a spot as a career firefighter, then you’d know it can take years. I’m an east Pierce firefighter and possibly getting hired in April if our levy passes. Therefore I’m not a poser because I have been a firefighter for 4 years now. Then you said police, okay well I did fill out an application for auburn police department and decided to not turn it in. My reasoning to even questioning being a police officer, my grandpa was one and he’s the man I’ve always wanted to impress my whole life, also it’s a good pay and I hated my job at the time. Why I didn’t go through with it, I can’t see myself enjoying, putting on a police uniform. After all of that you said having kids. What in the world?! Lol how is me wanting a family being a poser? I want a big family, and that makes me a poser? So all of this just makes you look like an idiot. I’m an ambitious guy and everything I want, I work hard for. I push myself everyday to be better and if you take that as me being an “attention whore” than I am sorry for how you were raised to be an ignorant human being, and make ridiculous comments to people that make no sense instead of trying to better yourself. It’s a shame that you waste your life doing this.

i don't really know how to say this without sound like a complete stalker but i've known of you for years over youtube/tumblr etc and i've never had the guts to message you but i really hope you're doing okay :)

Hello, I’m doing great. Been extremely busy! I hope you’re doing well. :)

Nigga you're only saying you like jeter for attention..You're a red soxs fan..

I’m not black, and really attention? Lol I’m getting attention by saying I’m a jeter fan? Hahaha since when? I know I’m a Boston fan, but a guy can like a player from another team peasant. Hello, ichiro is my all time favorite and he now plays for the Yankees.

My only thoughts besides emt right now..is Derek jeter. I was never EVER a Yankees fan, but they had one of my all time favorite players. Jeter. Now they have my other favorite, ichiro. Jeter is MY Babe Ruth.